Dansecoach søges

Hver onsdag i første del af 2015 har Nico afholdt eventet Lets Dance – Lets have Fun på Kulturfabrikken, men nu er Nico vendt hjem til Rumænien og vi står uden en frivillig dansecoach.

“Lets Dance – Lets have Fun” er ikke decideret danseundervisning men derimod stedet, hvor man mødes for at hygge sig med at danse og hvor man blot kan møde op, når man har lyst. Læs videre “Dansecoach søges”

Dance Teacher Wanted

We are mixed dancers men and women from: Syria, Kurdistan, Eritrea, Armenia, Brazil and Denmark, where the majority go to the language school here in Nykøbing F.

We want to express a Wish. That the class with South American Dances can continue with another teacher, we have danced from 18.30-20 o´clock each Wednesday Evening at Kulturfabrikken. We are about 10 people, that enjoy ourselves and learn something about each others cultures and the most important, that we have a fellowship, where we in common,  that we love to dance.

So if you would like to be our new voluntering dance coach then please send an e-mail to Claus from CultHus clje@guldborgsund.dk

We would love so much to be starting up our LETS DANCE – LETS HAVE FUN again.